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Anyone else sick of their beautiful bath towels becoming hard and scratchy? Us too.

After decades of trying to keep our fluffy towels fluffy, we had given up. That was until after a holiday to Turkey, our MD Jayne discovered hammam towels (also known as Turkish towels). 

These towels were big, bold and beautifully soft and we instantly fell in love. Produced locally in the Aegean region of Turkey, these stunning hammam towels use ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation. These beautiful, traditional towels come in all manner of colour, style and shape, and the best bit? The more you wash them, the softer they get.

So once we had found the perfect towel, this sparked our mission to find the best of the best in homeware and self-care, envisioning our journey from bath to bed with a few treats along the way. 

Next on the list was soaps and self-care, enter Skyn Bakery - ethically conscious, chemical-free soaps that look good enough to eat. Created by full-time mum Clare, who is fuelled by her hatred of drying supermarket soaps, Skyn Bakery is out to disrupt the soap and skincare industry. We were sold and so you can find her full collection here on Berry & Bay. 

Towels (check), beautiful bath goodies (check), to complete our bath ritual puzzle we needed a good candle and boy, did we find one. After months of searching we discovered Scry Alchemy. Created by holistic healer Kelly Herron, Scry candles are a carefully crafted blend of soy wax and essential oils that are vegan and 100% organic. Energy cleansing, mind decluttering magic spells in amber jars. 

Our mission is to allow our customers to shop with conscience - all of our goods are organic, eco-friendly and hand made. Even our packaging is plastic-free, biodegradable and eco-conscious, so your beautiful goods are good. Simple.

We continue to search for suppliers who fit our bill so we can change the way you bathe and bring some Berry & Bay into as many homes as we can. 

We hope you love it as much as we do, 

The Berry & Bay Team