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Soft, stylish and sustainable: #TheBerryBayWay

Soft, stylish and sustainable: #TheBerryBayWay

Berry & Bay on 21st Apr 2021

Presenting ethically made, luxury Turkish hammam towels and blankets for the conscious consumer to love for a lifetime.

At Berry & Bay, we are passionate about being able to fill your home with beautiful, luxurious items, without compromising your ethical values. Living an eco-conscious lifestyle can be easy when you are presented with beautiful products that look perfect in your home. Let Berry & Bay present to you how effortless living sustainably can be, and hopefully inspire you to make ethical purchases this year.

Let’s explore the sustainability and versatility of our luxurious hammam towels, and celebrate the beauty of low-impact, luxury products.

Ethical origins

Hammam towels have been made and used in Turkey for centuries, with the long-standing tradition spanning back generations. As a conscious and ethical brand, we enjoy celebrating diverse cultures, honouring traditions and sharing these wonderful rituals with others.

At Berry & Bay we source our products directly from the Aegean region of Turkey, celebrating the rich history and culture that originated from this western part of the country. Our values ensure we continue to celebrate the long-standing traditional skills of Turkish hammam towel weaving, while also providing local people with jobs.

Eco-conscious material

Our hammam towels are crafted with ethically sourced 100% Turkish cotton. This luxury material ensures that our towels remain super soft over time, so you don’t have to worry about their durability. The more you love them, the more they love you.

In addition to their longevity and kindness to the skin, our hammam towels are crafted using Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilisers. Using organic cotton means it is better for the land it is farmed on, and for the workers farming it, producing a more absorbent, breathable textile that is healthier for your skin.

Their quick-drying nature makes them perfect for summer, as they can be hung outside on your washing line to dry in the summer’s heat. We recommend avoiding drying your hammam towels in a tumble dryer, as this may cause the material to lose its softness.

Don’t forget to wash your towel twice before using it to activate the absorbance. Our towels get softer with every wash!

Recyclable packaging

As an ethical brand, it is our duty to ensure all of our packaging is kind to the planet. All of our products, including our hammam towels will be packaged plastic-free with recyclable cardboard and biodegradable tissue paper, proving you don’t have to compromise luxury for sustainability.

Shop our versatile collection of hammam hand and bath towels at https://berryandbay.com/towels/

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