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Meet the maker: Skyn Bakery

Meet the maker: Skyn Bakery

Berry & Bay on 14th Apr 2021

At Berry and Bay, we recognise the importance of supporting and celebrating local businesses. In a world that is often dominated by high street giants, our independent businesses are a breath of fresh air that use their individuality, creative flair and unique craft to differentiate from the crowd and break the mould. We believe small businesses are a valued part of each and every community, enabling society to thrive and discover beautiful new brands to shop and love.

Skyn Bakery, a Merseyside based business is a brand that everyone can get behind and share the love.

Clare Blasbery, founder of Skyn Bakery, is a creative mind from Skelmersdale who curates artisan, cruelty free skincare and beauty products aimed at relaxing the mind and soothing the skin.

Skyn Bakery's Bouquet Beauty Soap

How did Clare get started?

Clare’s soap making first began as a hobby in late 2019 as she experimented with different formulas in her home kitchen. Due to her creative mindset, her hobby quickly became an exciting, yet relaxing way for Clare to spend her spare time.

As Clare’s attention turned to her children’s eczema and her concerns for her family’s excessive plastic use grew, so did her hobby. Clare set out to create products that were kind to both the skin and the planet.

The process of trial and error began as she experimented with various ingredients and techniques until she created something she was happy with. Although it wasn’t her intention to sell her products, Clare always had the desire to start her own business.

Finally, Clare took the plunge and carried out all the necessary safety regulations to ensure all products were safe and legal. Scents were perfected, essential oils were carefully chosen, and Skyn Bakery was born - a business built on research, passion and love.

Clare then began selling her stock at Edge Hill University Market and Ormskirk Market, before gradually creating her own website using her knowledge from her job at a digital marketing and PR agency in Liverpool, Moore Media. The website launched a week before the March 2020 lockdown and instantly Clare was inundated with orders, allowing her to gradually build a positive reputation in the community.

Where does Clare’s inspiration come from?

The ingredients she uses are chosen with sensitive skin in mind.“My children were the inspiration for this due to their eczema. I always seem to gravitate towards more earthy, citrus type scents, with my favourite essential oils being frankincense and patchouli.”

Clare's son's eczema before and after using her Body Butter.

What is Clare’s favourite part of the process?

Clare loves making all of her fabulous products, but the one that gives her the most joy is her soap. Despite the ingredients always staying the same, each bar is unique to the one before.

“It is a very relaxing process. I love watching the oils saponify and pouring it into the moulds, then once it has set, I get a buzz in seeing the patterns when I cut the loaf.”

Why is sustainability so important to Clare?

From the beginning Clare wanted to start a business on the right footing and create a brand that offered luxury products that were also eco-friendly. “I did not want to become another generic cosmetics brand that just adds to the plastic problem,” says Clare, “I wanted to be part of the solution.”

All of Clare’s products are also palm oil free and she only uses essential oil for their scent and skin loving properties. By offering high quality, vegan and cruelty products that don’t have plastic packaging, Clare’s aim is to show that ethical living does not have to be boring.

Skyn Bakery Body Scrub

What is Skyn Bakery up to now?

Skyn Bakery now offers 19 stunning products ranging from lip scrubs to soaps, all handmade, vegan and with plastic-free packaging. Clare sells around 1000 products each month and has a variety of stockists, wholesale clients, as well as celebrity clients such as Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore and Strictly Come Dancing’s Karen Hauer.

Check out the fabulous variety of skincare products that are all passionately created with natural ingredients here: